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Posted: 2021-06-13
Valid through: 2022-04-13

If you are looking for part-time or full-time temporary work where you can earn easy extra income why don’t you drive with Uber?

Uber is a popular, high-demand, trusted ride-hailing company that allows users to book rides through the app that will pick them up from their location and drop them off at their desired destination. Uber is now hiring drivers to pick up and drop off passengers to where they want to go. Partnering with Uber could be the gig you are looking for that allows you to work on your own time according to your own schedule. Sign up and drive with Uber today!!


1) What does an Uber driver exactly do?

An Uber driver to start their day can simply open the app and enable riding requests whenever they would like, at whatever time that is convenient for them. Once you enable requests you will soon receive requests in the nearby area which you have about 30 seconds to review and decide if you want to accept or decline.

If accepted, you simply drive to the passengers' location, pick them up and drive to where they would like to go by following the in-app navigation system.

2) How much does an Uber driver earn?

Uber drivers are not employed by Uber but are independent contractors. This means they do not earn a fixed wage but a base pay on every ride they complete. This base pay varies with each ride and includes factors like time, location, distance, etc. How many rides you complete is up to you. So the more rides a driver accepts and completes the more they can earn. Drivers also keep 100% of all tips earned. Uber drivers can track their earnings daily whenever they want from the app itself.

3) Any tips for Uber drivers?

Being in ideal locations where there is a high demand for rides can really help maximize the number of rides you complete which will increase your daily earnings. The Uber App notifies drivers about these hotspot locations.

Enabling riding requests during peak hours can also help you to increase your daily earnings.

4) When does an Uber driver receive their earnings?

Uber directly deposits a drivers’ earnings as well as tips at the end of every week. The Uber app also offers an Instant Pay feature that allows drivers to withdraw their earnings before the end of the week if needed.

5) What are the requirements for an Uber driver?

All you need to be an Uber driver is to be just at least 21 years old and have your own driver’s license. It’s always an extra perk if you have at least a year’s driving experience. Uber drivers should also have immediate access to a 4-door car and the appropriate car insurance. If you are unable to access a vehicle Uber can arrange a 4-door car for you.

6) How do I sign up to be an Uber driver?

To become an Uber driver all you need to do is log on to the Uber website or download the Uber app and click on ‘Become a Driver’. Once you fill in all your personal information and submit the required documentation for your vehicle you just need to consent to a quick background check and within a week Uber will contact you for further details about your activated account.

If you do not have a vehicle be sure to mention that in the sign-up process letting the company know.

7) Do Uber drivers pay for toll fees?

No, Uber drivers do not pay for tolls themselves. Toll fees are added to the ride fare for the customers. And are also considered in the drivers’ base pay.

8) What if a ride gets canceled?

If a riding request has been accepted by a driver but later gets canceled, depending on how soon after the ride has been canceled, Uber drivers can receive a cancellation fee.

Uber drivers have the luxury of being in the position where they are their own boss. They can decide when to work, where to work, how long to work, when to take a break or a day off. They have the freedom of flexible work hours which they can adjust according to their own schedule. Sign up and drive with Uber. Grab the opportunity to earn on your own time!!


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