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Posted: 2021-08-02
Valid through: 2022-06-03

Amazon, from starting out as a mere online bookseller website has over the years grown into a massive, multi-national, online shopping platform that allows users to order a variety of items from fashion and beauty products to home essentials and groceries. Because of its growing size, Amazon is responsible for providing multiple employment opportunities, particularly in the Fulfilment Centre Department.

Now Amazon is on the lookout for part-time Picker Packers for the Fulfillment Centre Department. If you are looking for dynamic work that has incredible growth opportunities Apply Today!!


1) What is the Fulfilment Centre Department?

This Department is mainly staged in the Amazon warehouse and is responsible for all the items and products that come in from sellers and that need to go out for orders.

2) What is a Picker/Packer?

An Amazon Picker or sometimes called a Packer is one of the minimum level employment positions in the Fulfilment Centre Department. Despite its entry-level status as an Amazon employee, it is one of the most important and demanding positions within Amazon.

3) What does a Picker/Packer do?

The overall main responsibility of a Picker/Packer is to locate products or merchandise and inventory duties. Day to day task may vary but will usually include:

  • Gathering products for order fulfillment
  • Ensuring adequate stock levels are maintained
  • Ensuring quality of products, checking for damaged items
  • Locating merchandise and products
  • Packing items and orders while following proper steps and safety procedures
  • Labeling and weighing inventory, orders, merchandise
  • Loading and unloading products in their designated areas
  • Entering all orders, deliveries, product data into the Amazon database
  • Stacking orders that are scheduled for delivery
  • 4) What are the required skills?

    While Picker/Packers require minimum qualifications it is fast-paced, important work that requires a level of efficiency. Picker/Packers need:

  • To be good at communicating with others
  • Be good listeners and fast learners so that they can understand and follow instructions easily Be a team player
  • Take instructions from a supervisor well and professionally
  • Be physically fit to load and unload heavy boxes and packages. You should be able to carry at least 75 pounds/34 kilograms
  • Be physically active, alert and have effective organizational skills
  • Have basic knowledge of technology to operate scanners, trackers, computers
  • Be able to learn to operate machinery such as a forklift
  • 5) What are the working hours for Picker/Packers?

    Part-time Picker Packers vary according to the requirements. Hours can be as little as 20 hours a week to as long as 40 hours a week.

    Shifts available are night shifts, early morning shifts, day shifts, weekends, late evenings. Hours are set according to the preferences of the employee beforehand.

    6) How much do Picker/Packers earn?

    Picker/Packers earn an hourly wage that varies depending on the number of hours worked, shifts work, and so on. All Picker/Packers do start off with an hourly minimum wage. Earnings can also increase based on performance.

    7) How do I Apply as a Picker/Packer?

    To apply just log on to the Amazon website and go to jobs available. Pick the Fulfilment Centre Department and Apply. Fill in all the necessary information and mention any required skills. Don’t forget to specify part-time or full-time work. Finally, consent to a quick background, and once the background check is cleared Amazon will contact you for further employment details.

    8) Why should I be a Picker/Packer?

    A Picker/Packer is a great part-time, start-up position for those with minimum qualifications looking for real-life experience and growth opportunities. With a decent wage and flexible reasonable shifts, it is a great opportunity to start in the employment world.

    9) What qualifications are needed for a Picker/Packer?

    A Picker/Packer position has on-the-job training. It is unique to Amazon and is something you learn on the go. The minimum qualification is a high school diploma or an equal level of educational qualifications. Additional experience in warehouse practices, computers, and databases, forklift machinery while always welcome and may give you an edge, is not at all necessary.


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