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Posted: 2021-08-02
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Qkids is an online English teaching platform that was established in 2015 and aims at providing a world-class education to children through a game-based learning platform to teach children of 4 to 12 years of age. The Teachers are required to be creative and passionate about their jobs. They are not required to invest time in creating the curriculum or lesson plans. They are handed over the best teaching material, all they need to do is to prepare before the classes.

Moreover, the typical size of the class has four students to one teacher. The classes last for 30 minutes but the best part is that they do not need to interact with parents regarding students' performance.

Core requirements

  • Teachers should speak fluent English
  • Teachers should be a native English speakers from America or Canada
  • Teachers should hold a Bachelors’ degree or a higher one.
  • Teachers should have a 120-Hour ESL Certification (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA)
  • Teachers should have at least two years of Teaching experience
  • Teachers should have a high-speed internet
  • Upload speed: 2Mbps (minimum)
  • Download speed: 4Mbps (minimum)
  • Teachers should have a laptop or a computer with a webcam
  • Teachers should have a headset with a microphone (no in-ear headphones allowed)

Basic pay structure

Your base pay is fixed to $8 USD per class for 30 minutes and that makes $16 for an hour. You can earn up to $20 by earning bonuses.

How to earn More?

Attendance bonus: If you take more than 15classes per week, then you are entitled to $1 USD extra per class.

Performance bonus: For every class where you get good feedback from the parents, you are entitled to $1 USD extra per class.

Standby Class: If someone gets sick and you fill in at the last moment and wait for 10-minutes without teaching you are given $4 in case it is not converted to a real class. In case, it gets converted to real class and you are asked to take the role of the teacher who is not present then you are entitled to the base pay of $8 plus incentives (if applicable)

Referral bonus: Qkids offers $100 USD per teacher who gets recruited and helped by you through the process of hiring

How to start?

Submit your application with all the details and an updated resume.

Get ready for 2 demo sessions.

  • Demo 1: you will be judged on your teaching style, personality, and fulfilling your technical requirements.
  • Demo 2: With the help of lesson slides provided by Qkids you will deliver the mock class
  • Complete 2 to 5 paid trial classes where you will be judged directly by the parents
  • You will be handed over the contract as soon as you qualify all the levels
  • Schedule your class and start teaching!

About the class

Teachers at Qkids teach through Qkids' patented and interactive gaming-based learning platform where the curriculum is incorporated with animated characters and games. All you are expected to do is to prepare for each lesson by reviewing the materials before the class starts. While you preview the lessons make sure to have appropriate props available to support the teaching. Each lesson lasts for 30 minutes. Make sure to check the classroom equipment three minutes before the class commenced. The class has 1 - 4 students. Qkids try to make sure that the teachers get the same students but sometimes you may get to see a few new faces in every class.


Ques. How do the teachers teach?

Teachers are required to teach through Qkids' patented gaming-based learning platform that is very interactive. All curriculum and class material are preset and have animated characters and games to make the teaching fun.

Ques. Are the teachers paid for the trial classes?

Yes, teachers are paid for the trial classes. They are given the regular base rate of $8USD per lesson.

Ques. How and when are the teachers paid?

All teachers are paid via bank transfer to your bank account in the U.S. or Canada. The pay is paid on the 15th of every month for the last working month for taking the classes. Please notice that the pay date will extend to the next week in case of any Chinese national holidays and also the bank transfer fee is paid by Qkids.

Ques. How much tax do the teachers need to pay?

All teachers at Qkids are required to pay the taxes in accordance with the laws of the state and country, and individual tax jurisdictions as the teachers are treated as independent contractors and are responsible for their taxes.


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