Deliver with Uber Eats - Flexible Schedule - Immediate Hiring! in FOLSOM, California

FOLSOM, CA, 95630
Posted: 2021-04-21
Valid through: 2022-02-19

Looking for work near you? Want to earn pay but can’t find anything that fits your schedule? Don’t want to explain to your boss why you cannot work at this time or why you have to take a day off? Then contact UberEats!!

UberEats is a business venture by Uber and is an on-demand online food delivery service used by local restaurants to deliver takeout orders to the customer’s address.

UberEats is on the lookout and accepts all individuals to help deliver orders and this could be the gig you have been looking for.


1) What does an UberEats Delivery Driver do?

An UberEats Delivery Driver, by enabling delivery requests receives orders and picks these orders up from the restaurant, and drops them off at the customer’s address. The App also offers instructions and suggestions such as the best navigation route and whether to ring the bell or not.

2) Why should I be an UberEats Delivery Driver?

As an UberEats Delivery Driver, you are an independent contractor, which essentially means you are your own boss!! You have complete say in when you work, where you work, how long you work. Being an UberEats Delivery Driver allows you the luxury of flexible hours and adjustable shifts. So you can have a flexible schedule and earn on your own time.

3) How do UberEats Drivers earn?

A driver earns on every order they accept and complete. The more orders delivered the more money made. There are opportunities to increase this earning by accepting challenges and offers the app has to offer. Drivers also keep 100% of all tips and that is included in their earnings.

4) How are Delivery Drivers paid?

UberEats delivery drivers receive their earnings every week in the bank account provided. They can track their earnings directly from the app which allows them to check how much they make a day and when they can make the most.

If needed UberEats also offers an Instant Pay feature that allows drivers to cash their earnings up to five times a day using a debit card.

5) How do you qualify to be an UberEats delivery driver?

You DO NOT NEED any special qualifications or prior experience. All you need is to be at least 18 years old and have your own transportation.

6) What kind of vehicle do you need to deliver for UberEats?

You can choose any kind of vehicle you want. If you want to use a CAR, all you need is the right drivers’ license, valid car insurance, and be at least 18 years old.

If you find car parking a hassle then hop on to your motorized SCOOTER, as long as you are at least 19 years old and have your own license and insurance.

Prefer to not contribute to environmental concerns, grab your BIKE and you can ride your bike with the appropriate Government Issue ID.

If you think you can make deliveries while on your feet, go for it!! Make small deliveries nearby if you want to.

7) Are there any suggestions for delivery drivers?

Other UberEats Delivery drivers have suggested adding a phone mount to your vehicle as well as keeping a flashlight handy in case a streetlight is not working. It is also advisable to carry a fully charged phone if you aim to work longer hours.

It is also useful to carry an insulated bag to keep the food fresh and safe as well as extra paper bags if needed.

8) What are ways to maximize the number of orders to delivery?

The UberEats app notifies drivers on the “hot spot” zones where multiple restaurants use UberEats so you can increase the number of deliveries you can make. Doing deliveries during peak hours such as lunch and dinner can also help maximize your earnings.

You can also accept multiple orders which are picking up a couple of orders from one restaurant or nearby restaurants at the same time and delivering them one after the other. This is a quick way to earn a little extra.



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