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Posted: 2021-04-23
Valid through: 2022-02-21

An unexpected way of driving and earning! Are you a driver or have you been thinking to work as a driver or you are just tired of your 9 to 5 job and need a part-time job to earn more?

Well, Uber has something to energize your spirits! Drive with Uber and earn quickly. Sign up now!

Uber is a ride-sharing platform, which allows passengers to connect with cab drivers. You can book a cab just by your phone, Uber will pick you and drop you at your destination.

So sign up today on Uber Driver App and partner with us!


1)How to become an Uber driver?

To become an Uber driver, you must fulfill certain conditions such as:-

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Must have access to a reliable car with insurance coverage
  • Must own a driving license
  • At least have 1 year of driving experience(3 years experience if you are 23 years old)
  • 2)How to sign up as an Uber driver?

    If you fulfill all the conditions of being an Uber Driver, then Signing Up is a piece of cake for you. All you need is to log in to the Uber website and fill in all the necessary information and give consent to a background check. After the completion of the background test, your Uber driver account will be activated and you will be ready to drive and explore the city as an Uber Driver.

    3)Why should you choose to work as an Uber driver?

    If you want to earn more and quickly, then there can be no better opportunity than Uber. Partner with us and enjoy flexible work timings with attractive payscale. At Uber, you will also be offered various rewards such as health plans, local discounts, personalized financial services, and phone bill savings.

    4)How does an Uber driver work?

    As an Uber driver, you can choose, when & where you want to drive. You can turn on the app to connect with the nearby passengers, communicate with them, pick up and drop them at their destinations. And earn money quickly by driving in your nearby locations.

    5)How does an Uber driver receive their payments?

    The Uber drivers receive their payments weekly. Drivers earn on every ride they give to the passengers. However, the rate per drive varies as per the day, time, location, distance of the passengers. The drivers are entitled to receive 100% of the tips earned from the customer.

    6)Is it profitable to work as an Uber Driver?

    A person, working with Uber is not a worker, he/she is an independent worker and can work as per their time schedule. Uber offers a wide variety of support to its drivers. Drivers can also earn more by working at peak hours and busy places.

    7)Does it cost anything to register under Uber as a driver?

    It costs ZERO to register under Uber as a driver. All you need to do is sign up, upload required documents, and get the background check completed. After activation of your account, you will be all set to go!

    8)Can you make a full-time living by working with Uber?

    Yes, you can also work full-time with Uber with the freedom to choose working hours and have no boss to answer to. You can maximize your earnings by working at some peak hours and increase your hourly wages.




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