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Posted: 2021-08-01
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An interview or a business transaction cannot be conducted without the use of suitable words. In today's worldwide culture, English is a widely spoken language that has grown into a necessity. We are an online English learning platform that caters to the linguistic requirements of children aged 4 to 12. Every kid in our class receives the greatest possible classroom experience. We have the best teachers, curriculum, program, and tools working with us to achieve the above-mentioned goal. To sum I up – We teach English online and provide excellent online English teaching jobs for deserving candidates in the process!

We feel that in today's world, internet education is the greatest alternative for little children. For our lessons, we use the most engaging and dynamic platform available, where the typical class size is approximately four students to one teacher and the lesson lasts 25 minutes. The teacher need not communicate with the parents of the children the Qkids will manage that.

In today's environment, we believe that online education is the best option for young children. We utilize the most interesting and dynamic platform available for our classes. Teaching ESL online has never been easier.


We need skilled teachers with having a passion for teaching children aged between 4 years to 12 years. The ESL teacher will conduct online classes as per the company protocol. We are looking for the following skills in the teacher.

  • ESL Teacher should have a high-speed internet connection.
  • This English Teacher Job requires patience and ability to work with young kids.
  • Teachers must have a Bachelor's degree.
  • Passion for teaching and love for children.
  • A teacher must be an English native speaker from the United States or Canada.
  • ESL Certification will be an added advantage.
  • Familiarity with all learning concepts.
  • Ability to manage time and resources appropriately.
  • Previous experience of teaching will be an added advantage.
  • Capability to handle obstacles and challenges.
  • Desire to grow and ability to adapt.


We believe that the satisfaction of a Qkids ESL teacher is essential to the effectiveness of the teaching process. As a result, we provide the finest compensation in the business, which includes:

  • The teacher will be paid on the 10th working day of each month.
  • An attractive interest rate, which can increase in the future.
  • Friendly team environment for our employees.
  • The teacher will be treated as an independent contractor.
  • The cash will be transferred straight into your online bank account or you will be paid via PayPal.
  • You will have access to free training resources
  • Flexible work hours
  • Work from home facility
  • Friendly digital platform for teaching
  • Always availability of teaching support and help (You are not ALONE)
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Opportunity to earn Bonus and extra payments.
  • Teacher forum for support
  • Flexible leave policy

The capacity of a good teacher to observe, learn, acclimatize, adapt, and grow is crucial. Because Qkids is an online education platform, basic computer skills and internet familiarity are required. ESL jobs at Qkids are much sought after and Qkids management is committed to providing students with a worldwide classroom experience and fantastic online work possibilities for teachers.

It also attempts to give a high-quality education to students from a variety of backgrounds, including affluent, poor, and diverse origins.


  • Submit your application Including a current CV and proof of your degrees.
  • Make a demo appointment using the Qkids lecture slides. Live or prepared demos are commonly used.
  • Complete the two paid training sessions successfully.
  • In the second stage, you will be working with simply the trainer, and the focus will be on getting ready for your first class.
  • Your first chapter/ lesson teaching will be considered as part of your training.
  • You will be provided some feedback for improvements, which you have to incorporate in your next lessons and you are great to go.
  • A contract will be signed with you
  • The background check will be conducted and you can start to teach English online immediately post a successful check.


As this is a work-from-home-based work engagement, the teacher must have access to basic infrastructure. Like:

  • Continuous supply of electricity while teaching ESL online to students.
  • Laptop or PC with good hardware and updated software
  • HD Webcam, speakers, and good quality mic to interact with students over the internet.
  • A separate workplace with adequate furniture, where there are no outer disturbances when classes are going on.
  • High-speed internet connection.


1) How will I get my salary?

Answer: Every month on the 10th, the teachers get paid via PayPal or online money transfer. Every month on the third, the pay-slips are revealed. You must sign and submit your pay-slip by the eighth of each month to be paid on time.

2) Will I get some help when I teach English online at Qkids?

Answer: You will be assisted as Qkids has an induction policy in which you will be educated on how to function efficiently on the web platform utilizing Qkids' software.

3) Do I need to develop a curriculum or syllabus?

Answer: No, the entire curriculum is preset and already created by the experts.

4) How long it takes for the recruitment process.

Answer: It takes nearly two weeks for becoming a Qkids ESL teacher.


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