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Posted: 2021-10-17
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Do you like helping others academically? Are you willing to apply for tutors jobs near me? Share your knowledge of Maths by becoming an online peer tutor with Tutree. Our network of tutors is the best of the best and we hail from the top schools. As a Tutree Math Tutor, you must help both struggling and gifted students reach their full potential by supplementing the instruction they receive in class and guiding them toward study practices and aides that can help them ace their classes. Also you are now free to enroll for online tutoring so as to follow government guidelines of pandemic. While working with Tutree you can actually put your free time towards a great cause which also is financially rewarding for you. Online tutors are high in demand thus giving a good scope to excel your career. Tutree offers Online Math Tutors the opportunity to:

Build high-level academic skills such as communications and critical thinking by being a Math Tutor.

Benefit from interactions with peer and professional online tutors and counselors.

Bring growth and advancement in your learning, teaching, and mentoring abilities. Online Math Tutors can help you resolve your doubt at ease in your home.

So, if you are searching something like math tutors near me on Google, all you need is to reach out to Tutree. They are the best name to find tutor if you are thinking of going for online tutoring.

About the company

A new subject or a new syllabus with a lot of unknowns can be stressful and overwhelming for the Math Tutor. Tutree provides you a mentor who has walked the same path before you and is now available to make that unknown known to you.

Our central goal is to give world-class coaching and great substance to students using in-person peer tutoring. You can get to our administration from the comfort of your home or school. Our Online Math Tutors use encouraging language to promote Growth Mindset, a concept pioneered by Stanford professor and leading motivation researcher Carol Dweck, Ph.D. A growth Mindset is an idea that we grow and better ourselves by learning from mistakes because a positive and supportive learning environment helps students do their best with the proper guidance of online tutors. Tutree also provides an app where scholars and parents can find and schedule a local, highly qualified peer Math Tutor. We have developed the Tutree app that is based on the unique concept of bringing together students and peer tutors in a community. Also we give access to online tutoring to ease your learning experience.

Why is Peer-Tutoring beneficial?

The same age group means a far better understanding and friendly relationship. This creates a positive and supportive learning environment, bringing the best results. Math tutors near me are now easy when you join hands with the brand that not only helps you seek online tutoring but also guarantee quality education. Peer Math Tutor help to bring down the strain levels too. More than a teacher, students need a mentor who has walked the same path before them and has excelled and is now available to form the unknown known to them and guide them along the way.

Direct interaction with Online Math Tutors promotes active learning which is very effective. Thus look for tutors jobs near me if you want to give a new direction to your career.

Math Tutor responsibilities

  • Through online tutoring, they teach students needing Maths help.
  • Handle skill-based tutoring in different subjects available for Maths tutor.
  • Support students to develop and meet academic goals.
  • Help students to organize for tests.
  • Record and report student progress.
  • These online tutors should be developing easy learning strategies.
  • Ask students about specific topics or subject areas that are giving them trouble or that need further exploration.
  • Review recent homework assignments and test scores, and work on problems or questions that the scholar didn't answer correctly.
  • Employ proven study aides to organize for upcoming tests and quizzes.
  • Take notes during tutoring sessions so you'll follow up with the scholar later. Thus, going for the suggestions to tutors jobs near me can help you boost your skills.
  • Communicate with parents about trouble areas or other issues during online tutoring sessions that need special attention.
  • Must know how to use different learning styles for the improvement of scholars. So before heading for confirmation, be wise when searching for math tutors near me.
  • Meeting scholars on a regular basis to clarify learning problems and work on study skills.
  • Math Tutor skills and qualification

  • High school diploma
  • Reliable transportation a must
  • A recorded B+ or better grades in Maths is compulsory for these online tutors.
  • Able to develop positive rapport with students
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Get 5 reference checks from different Tutree Online Math Tutors
  • Tutoring experience preferred
  • Subjects Available for Maths Tutors

  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • And more!
  • Position Overview

    A peer Math Tutor helps students who need study help outside the school. This is often a teaching job, but peer tutors are students themselves. This position assists students in improving academic achievement, supports students by reviewing and clarifying learning problems, and provides useful study skills to students that require supplemental help. As a Maths tutor, you need to provide subject-area knowledge to students. A peer Online Math Tutors functions as a model for scholars in the techniques, strategies, attitudes, and beliefs that successful learners employ as they acquire new knowledge, solve problems, and complete academic tasks. Other assistance might include reviewing class material, discussing the text, reviewing test questions, generating ideas for papers, or performing on solutions to problems. These are basic questions to confirm when finalising the search about math tutors near me.

    Application Process

    To grab this wonderful Math Tutor opportunity if you are hunting for searches like tutors jobs near me, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Tutree’s official website or download the Tutree app.
  • Click on 'Become a Tutor'.
  • Sign in if you already have an account, and the new users need to sign up.
  • Fill in the basic details like Name, contact info, and save them.
  • You will get mail for further steps.
  • Salary Structure

  • You will have good pay for your work. In addition to the salary, we promise the online tutors that they will find job satisfaction and a great environment to provide your services. So its good idea to head with suggestion of tutors jobs near me search.
  • The pay structure is varied according to the location and the subject.
  • Along with the salary you can earn $1 for every download you generate and the student puts your code in the app. You also earn $5-$15 per new purchase which happens with your coupon code. You can share your code on social media and in other creative ways. We have made it fun for you to increase your earnings. More students who sign up from your code and make a purchase more you can earn per purchase. The best benefit for Online Math Tutors is that they can stay at home and impart education to the ones looking for.


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