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Posted: 2021-09-18
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DoorDash Delivery Driver / Courier

No passengers. No bosses. Just you, your tunes, and the road.

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Become a DoorDash driver, Choose your wheels and deliver food and other items from local merchants to hungry customers by working with driver jobs.

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  • Use any car, bike, scooter, motorcycle, or moped to deliver. start today and be your own boss.
  • Get on the road today and start your career with DoorDash jobs.


  • iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Valid Driver's License and insurance
  • 18+ years of age
  • 1+ years of driving experience

Bike Requirements

  • iPhone or Android smartphone
  • 18+ years of age

About us

DoorDash is a technology company that connects customers with local businesses. Customers order meals and other items from their favorite local merchants and DoorDash Dashers deliver them directly to their doors. DoorDash Dashers are third-party contractors who deliver for merchants to customers.

DoorDash Dashers are paid on a per delivery basis, not per hour.


1)Should a Doordash driver have to remain active to stay away from penalties?

No doubt DoorDash delivery drivers have to remain active in your work in order to fulfill customers deliveries, hence there is no minimum count that you have to complete on a weekly basis. A week off will not cost you much if your ratings are good on the app. So, customer ratings play an important role in showing your activity status on the app. If your deliveries are on time and you have a positive customer rating then surely it’ll add to your benefits.

However, making deliveries regularly will only benefit you because being an independent contractor only you are responsible for your own work.

2)Does DoorDash run a background verification check for its drivers?

Yes, DoorDash runs a background verification check before hiring DoorDash dashers to ensure the safety and security of its employees. One should not have any criminal record to apply as a DoorDash dasher. Companies do the background checks because of the following reason-

  • To hire a legal worker.
  • To hire a safe worker.
  • To hire honest workers.

After your background verification check with Doordash you’ll receive an email from the checkr applicant portal to view the status of your check.

3)How can a DoorDash dasher apply for an activation kit in DoorDash jobs?

The application process for activation kit of DoorDash delivery drivers is for 4 days and it should include the following-

  • Red card and orientation meal.
  • It consists of a hot bag which helps in keeping food hot and fresh.

DoorDash dashers have to sign up to the DoorDash app to receive this activation kit and it's not like that a DoorDash driver has to complete a certain period of time with the company to receive thi kit.. A new DoorDash driver can also apply for the same.

4)What is the reason behind the carrying of a red card by a DoorDash driver?

The red card which the DoorDash app provides to its dashers is like a credit card which the company provides to its workers. And this card is received by each DoorDash dasher during the orientation or with their activation kit. Your earnings will not be deposited in the red card nor will it be linked with your bank account.

This card allows dashers to make payments at restaurants which do not accept online payments. They place the price of the order on the card and then use it to pay for that customer's order.

5)What do you mean by Elite dashers and what are their roles and responsibilities?

Drivers who complete their deliveries as fast as possible without delaying and making the customers wait too long for their order and are able to make deliveries on time, they are elite drivers for the DoorDash app.

Things you need to keep in mind if you want to qualify for elite dashers-

  • You have to complete at least 80 or more deliveries.
  • You have to accept over 85% of assigned orders.
  • There should be zero no shows.
  • There should be zero Dasher unprofessional reports.
  • If less than 5% of deliveries are missing/incorrect.


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