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Chicago, IL, 60629
Posted: 2021-09-28
Valid through: 2022-07-29

No passengers. No bosses. Just you, your tunes, and the road. Sign up now and start making money! Choose your wheels and deliver food and other items from local merchants to hungry customers.

  • Be your boss.
  • Work when you want, wherever you want
  • Earn /hr, including 100% of the tips
  • Work in the morning, at night, or any time in between
  • Use any car, bike, scooter, motorcycle, or moped to deliver

Start today and be your boss. Get on the road today.

Car, Motorcycle, and Moped Requirements

  • iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Valid Driver's License and insurance
  • 18+ years of age
  • 1+ years of driving experience

Bike Requirements

  • iPhone or Android smartphone
  • 18+ years of age

About us

DoorDash is a technology company that connects customers with local businesses. Customers order meals and other items from their favorite local merchants, and Dashers deliver them directly to their doors.

Dashers are third-party contractors who deliver for merchants to customers. Dashers are paid on a per-delivery basis, not per hour.


1)What are the roles and duties of a DoorDash delivery driver?

DoorDash is a corporation that assists in delivering food to several people. It also helps in keeping the food in the most excellent form and close to the source.

  • The employment orders for people who can deliver the orders at an excellent speed.
  • Absent spillage, delivery drivers have to be good enough to explore the city.
  • They must chat with people and must understand how to hold up a dialogue. This allows a great appeal. Drivers will be rated reasonably as to their delivery services.
  • They must hold up enormous weights upwards of 20 lbs at the utmost and know how to transport the goods.
  • They must also be conscious of the diner workers’ specifications.

DoorDash delivery drivers must be passionate about helping people. And must do everything in their ability to assure the food gets provided in the most satisfactory condition. Thus, the delivery drivers of DoorDash need to be in detailed know-how about district rules, racing thresholds, every nook, and the traffic situations of the country they are working in to assure ultimate comfortability in the delivery of goods.

2)What job vacancies does DoorDash offer other than delivery drivers?

DoorDash job opportunities are widespread. They provide alternatives to a broad spectrum of people ready to work. Because of its continued availability, the jobs alternatives are the Dasher role that entitles you to become a delivery driver. They get to pick work schedules and operational places. The best thing is that you don’t have to have a university degree. Or tough skills like several careers need.

Other employment alternatives at DoorDash come as roles in several headquarters, they include:

  • Accounting
  • Adverts and publicity
  • Analytics and Data Science
  • Business Development
  • Information
  • DashMart Dasher
  • Experience Team
  • Design
  • DoorDash Drive
  • DoorDash Laboratory
  • DoorDash for Work
  • Engineering
  • Finance

3)What are the initial requirements for potential DoorDash delivery drivers?

The various job roles at DoorDash differ depending on the abilities and experiences of applicants have. And to become a Dasher (a delivery driver), applicants are expected to:

  • Doordash must be 18 years or older.
  • He must have his automobile (car, scooter, motorcycle, bike, or even walking is good.)
  • He must have a driver’s license number
  • He must have a social security number
  • Dasher must give his approval for a background inspection.
  • He must have a mobile phone that enables them to access the DoorDash app or website.

4)How to become a DoorDash delivery driver? How to navigate through the application form?

For becoming a DoorDash delivery driver, there is a straightforward process. DoorDash application is primarily made online. And the application for job vacancies is not vindicated. This implies that for several of the job options at DoorDash. Applicants must fill online application forms and be accessible online when contacted via emails or through messages in the application form.

To apply for a Dasher role, applicants are required to sign up. To sign up, applicants need to:

  • Firstly visit the official DoorDash site, or everything can be done through an official DoorDash app.
  • While the signup procedure takes only a few moments, applicants have to see the application’s status after a few weeks to get the account generated.
  • Dashers can review status; applicants should undertake logging in wielding the registered email and phone number.


By submitting, you confirm that you are authorized to use the number entered and agree to receive SMS texts to verify you own the number. Carrier fees may apply.




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