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Posted: 2021-10-17
Valid through: 2022-08-17

Are you looking to work as a sortation associate? Or are you a fresher who’s looking to earn extra with part-time work? Work with the biggest and largest most prominent firm in the world, Amazon. The company is hiring individuals for the position of sortation associate. Apply Now and grab the opportunity!

About Amazon:

Amazon started as a bookseller, it is now one of the largest and most prominent companies in the world. It was launched in the year 1994. Amazon provides its customers with thousands of global products. From electronics to shoes and clothing to home decor Amazon sells a range of products.

Amazon hires many individuals to provide its clients with the best customer care service and satisfaction. The company is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate between its workers on any grounds.

Check out all about a Sortation Associate:

As a sortation associate, you will be working in a hasty environment. You will be working with some of the sortation centers’ machinery. You will earn a competitive wage while learning and inculcating new skills.

A sortation associate can be required to stand all day for long time periods, walk around to sort packages based on their size and delivery address. It would be the responsibility of the associate to manage and wrap pallets, transport them with pallet jack and sort them accordingly.

You will be working with operating carts, hand trucks, dollies, and other equipment to manage merchandise in large quantities. You can work part-time or full-time, any shift of your preference.

Check out some of the basic responsibilities of a sortation associate:

  • Taking care of customer's privacy and satisfaction.
  • Receiving the delivery vehicles and unloading the orders safely.
  • Sorting the orders in accordance with delivery location and other specific procedures.
  • Ensuring complete hygiene and sanitization of the warehouse
  • Organizing the products correctly.
  • Sending the products to the verified areas, promptly.
  • Receival of the incoming items and sending outgoing orders in a systematic manner.
  • Tracing returned products for resending to the storehouse.
  • Maintaining proper records of all the products in the Amazon order databases.
  • Safety rules and regulations must be followed while uploading the ordered products to be transported.
  • Maintaining proper rules and regulations of delivery stations.
  • Learning to use modern technology for a trouble-free delivery.
  • Basic Requirements to be fulfilled by a Sortation Associate:

  • Education qualification- High school diploma or equivalent diploma.
  • Age- Above 18 years.
  • Ability to sort and manage packages depending on the size and delivery destination, with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • Strong physical ability required for warehouse tasks.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Positive attitude for teamwork.
  • Good cooperation and coordination skills to work with the team workers.
  • Previous experience is not mandatory but it will help you achieve higher ranks.
  • FAQs

    1) What does a sortation associate do?

    Sortation associate works in a hasty environment. You will be working with some of the sortation centers’ machinery. Associates manage and wrap pallets, transport them with pallet jack and sort them accordingly.

    2) Can I work as a part-time worker at amazon?

    Yes, you can work as a part-time worker at Amazon.

    3) Can I listen to music while working at Amazon?

    No, listening to music is not allowed when you are working. Though you can do that in your break-time.

    4) Does amazon give maternity leave?

    Yes, Amazon allows you to have maternity leave.

    5) What kind of questions are asked in the interview?

    The interview is easy and basic questions are asked about your availability or how would you handle the given situations.


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