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Chicago, IL, 60629
Posted: 2021-10-17
Valid through: 2022-08-23

Trugreen is one of the most successful lawn care services that aim to provide a clear, detailed lawn treatment especially designed for the grass, trees, and shrubs that grow in your own soil. Trugreen with the help of botanists and experts creates a treatment plan tailored just for you and your soil, grass type, and much more.

Trugreen is now on the lookout for sales representatives who will be a dynamic and strong addition to their team. Apply today to start a flouring, growing career just like the lawns Tutree services take care of.


1) Who is a sales representative?

A sales representative helps individuals get in touch with Trugreen to form a strong, lasting, natural relationship. Sales Representatives help potential customers know more about their lawns and provide them with solutions to the care taken for the lawn, trees, and shrubs.

2) What does a sales representative do?

Sales Representatives have the unique opportunity of working outdoors in the fresh air instead of at a desk for hours. Sales representatives go door to door engaging with the local community and forming a relationship with the people. Every day offers new experiences and new challenges as you educate and discuss with the community issues and problems with the growth of their lawns and offer them detailed analysis of their grass, trees, shrubs, landscape, and soil. Sales representatives also provide an estimated price for the specific treatment based on the square foot calculations of a lawn.

3) What experiences qualify a sales representative?

A Trugreen Sales Representative does not require any special qualifications or education. Trugreen provides their employees with special training and guides them with all the information they need. The team leaders are extremely approachable and welcome queries and doubts. Since Sales Representatives are on-the-job training positions employees can approach their supervisors at any time for any help that is needed.

4) What skills should Sales Representatives have?

Sales representatives need to be good communicators and listeners so that they can understand and follow instructions. Sales Representatives also need to be quick learners as they need to be able to be informative and approachable for potential customers.

Sales representatives need to be warm, welcoming, and engaging so that they can be an aid to potential customer’s desires and necessities.

5) What are the working hours for Sales Representatives?

Trugreen sales representatives work five days a week Monday to Friday. However, Sales Representatives should expect to work during the weekends on occasion. Since many are home on the weekends.

6) How to apply for the position of Trugreen Sales Representatives?

To apply all you need to do is fill out an application on the Trugreen website with all your personal information, qualifications, and skills. Once your application is submitted a Trugreen recruiter will contact you and set up an interview with a hiring manager and in a few days, you should be hired.

7) Why should you apply as a Trugreen Sales Representative?

Trugreen offers a complete guide and training to help you grow as an employee and start a flourishing career. Trugreen employees start earning immediately and also have opportunities for an increase in pay based on performance as well as no cap commissions.

Trugreen also offers their employees multiple health benefits as well as provides a dynamic, adventurous work environment.


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