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Posted: 2021-10-17
Valid through: 2022-08-23

Make money in your spare time by grocery shopping and Be your Boss by enjoying the flexible schedule. Wondering How?

Become an Instacart Shopper!

What is Instacart Shopper?

Instacart offers two different Shopper positions requiring different requirements and fulfills different positions. One is an ‘In-Store Shopper’ and the other is a ‘Full-Service Shopper’.

In-Store Shoppers ONLY SHOP in the store and stage the order for delivery. Full-Service Shoppers are independent contractors who use the Instacart App to SHOP AND DELIVER a customer’s groceries. They are shoppers as well as delivery drivers.

The work responsibilities for the two shopper positions differ in terms of hours, pay, shifts, benefits, and so on.

How to become Instacart Shopper and earn?

  • Create an account at Then, download the Shopper app. You’ll be approved to shop once your background check is done.
  • Choose the orders you want to shop
  • You’ll see orders you can choose to shop, in the app. Pick the one you want, and start earning.
  • Shop your customer’s order
  • You shop at the store like usual, but you’re shopping for other people.
  • Communicate with your customer
  • Customers love great service. You can drop a message to the customer via an app, If you have any query regarding the item is out of stock that’s how you can give them an update.

  • Cash-out instantly and earn tips
  • When you earn tips, you always keep 100% and your earnings are immediately available to transfer to your bank account. Only 24 hours are given to customers to adjust their tip amount. After 24 hour period ends, you can instantly cash out your tips.

  • Shop and Deliver
  • Requires a car. Following all the necessary safety measures, carefully drives and delivers the items to the customer's door.


    1) How do Shoppers work?

    In-Store Shoppers work based on scheduled shifts that are set according to their convenience. They receive a digital list of customer’s grocery lists which they shop and stage for delivery during their shifts.

    Full-Service shoppers accept a customer’s grocery shopping request and shop for the items on the digital shopping list and then deliver those items to the customer’s doorstep.

    Shoppers can be in touch with customers if they have a question or if an item is out of stock and needs a replacement.

    2) How do I qualify to be a shopper for Instacart?

    A Shopper for Instacart needs no specific qualifications. All they need is…

    To be an In-Store shopper all you need is to be at least 18 years old and have immediate access to a working smartphone. Groceries tend to be heavy so make sure you are fit enough to be able to carry a few pounds.

    A Full-Service Shopper needs to be old enough to have a drivers’ license that is at least 18 years old. They also need to have appropriate car insurance for their vehicle.

    3) What is the eligibility to become an Instacart shopper?

    You should be at least 18 years of age, have legal authorization to work in the U.S., must be physically strong, must have your vehicle and a smartphone. You must also pass a background check.

    4) How do Instacart shoppers earn?

    In-Store shoppers are employees for Instacart and are paid an hourly wage for their shifts which are set according to the shopper’s convenience.

    Full-Service Shoppers are not employees but are independent contractors. Which means that they earn based on the number of orders they complete. The more you shop, the more you earn. Shoppers receive a base pay that varies depending on the number of items, distance, time of day. They also keep 100% of all tips received.

    All shoppers can increase their earnings through challenges offered by Instacart as well as Referral bonuses if the terms and conditions are met.

    5) Do shoppers pay for the groceries themselves?

    No. A payment card from Instacart will be allocated to you. Whenever you shop from the store, you can use a payment card at the checkout register. You receive a card within 5 to 7 working days only after your verification is done while you sign up.

    6) How do I sign up to be a Shopper?

    To be a Shopper all you need to do is Sign up to the Instacart website and fill in all the needed personal information. Full-Service shoppers need to also provide documentation for their vehicle.

    Once shoppers consent to a quick background they will be notified a few days later on their notified accounts. Instacart is committed to providing employment opportunities to a diverse group of individuals. If you are looking for seasonal, temporary work that gives you flexibility with hours and shifts whether it is part-time or full-time then being a part of the Instacart team as a shopper and a delivery driver could be just what you are looking for. Log on and sign up today.


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