Uber Eats Driver - Food Delivery - Now Hiring! in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, IL, 60629
Posted: 2021-10-17
Valid through: 2022-08-21

Drive... Deliver….Earn!!! Follow the new trend in earning by driving. Be your boss and decide where to work, how to work, and when to work. All you need is a smartphone, a vehicle, and free time. Curious to earn while pursuing your graduation? Huge openings are available for part-time, full-time, temporary, and seasonal food delivery drivers with no prior experience! What are you waiting for? Apply now!

Uber Eats platform was launched by Uber platform after enjoying its success as a top ride-sharing network. Uber Eats platform allows the customers to browse and order their favorite cravings from various local restaurants in their community and have them delivered to their doorsteps from the comfort of their homes. As the demand for Uber Eats increases day by day, Uber Eats is hiring more and more delivery drivers to meet the increasing customer requirements and to maintain the quality of the services. Apply now and explore your city and top-rated restaurants professionally

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What does an Uber Eats food delivery driver do?

Uber Eats food delivery drivers are independent contractors and are intended to drive to various local restaurants and pick up the ordered food items and deliver them to the customer's doorsteps. They enjoy the luxury of working on their schedules, flexible hours, and adjustable shifts.

2. What are the basic requirements of an Uber Eats delivery driver?

  • The minimum requirement to become an Uber Eats delivery partner is the candidate must be above 18 years, with good driving skills and the ability to operate a smartphone.
  • Experience is an additional requirement, it is not mandatory.
  • 3. What are the responsibilities of an Uber Eats delivery driver?

    The fundamental responsibilities of an Uber Eats delivery driver are as follows:

  • Pick up the food from various local restaurants according to the customer's specifications.
  • Ensure safe delivery of food items to customer's doorsteps.
  • Actively communicate with the customers and update them about the order details through the app.
  • Collect the required receipts and charges from the customers
  • Respond to customer's queries professionally.
  • 4. How can I accept order requests?

    You will receive the order requests through the app on your mobile. All you need to do is to open the app and click on GO to enable the requests. You will be notified when there is a request nearby, you can review the order and are free to accept or decline any order.

    5. What happens when I accept an order?

    You will get a confirmation message soon after accepting a delivery request, the in-app navigation system will help you to reach the specified restaurants and locate the customers.

    6. What Should I do if the customer is not available in the specified location?

    If you do not find the customer at the specified location, then you can contact the customer through the app, if the customer is not answering then you can click on the 'customer not available' option in the app and can discard the order by following the set of instructions.


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