Lyft Driver (Be Your Own Boss) in BRONX, New York

BRONX, NY, 10462
Posted: 2021-07-31
Valid through: 2022-05-31

What is Lyft?

Lyft is a platform that connects drivers with individuals and organizations that need rides.

In addition to helping passengers get from A to B, in select markets drivers may also opt in to deliver essential items such as groceries, medical supplies, and home necessities to people who need them.

Why Lyft?

  • Boost Your Income: You get paid for the time and distance of a trip, plus tips and bonuses.
  • Be Your Own Boss: Set your own schedule and keep control over when you drive and earn.
  • Support the community: Lyft drivers are essential to our neighborhoods, communities, and cities. When you give rides, you're playing a vital role.

How Lyft Driving Works

  • Step 1: Open the app and turn on driver mode
  • Step 2: Accept a passenger ride request
  • Step 3: Pick up your passenger at their location
  • Step 4: Drop off your passenger at their destination
  • *Once the ride has completed, payment is processed automatically and you're ready for your next ride!

Driver Requirements

  • You're at least 25 years old
  • You have a 4-door from 2004 or newer
  • You own an iPhone or Android smartphone
  • You have a clean driving record and auto insurance
  • You consent to our driver screening and background checks

This opportunity is for an independent contractor. Driving with Lyft is perfect for those looking for a flexible full-time or part-time opportunity. Being your own boss hours are completely flexible. Drive mornings, evenings, weekdays, or weekends. No previous experience is required.


1. What are the requirements to become a Lyft Driver?

  • You must be at least 21 years old, however, depending on where you reside, the minimum age may be as high as 25.
  • Possess a current driver's license for Lyft jobs.
  • You must pass a background check as well as a DMV check. A conviction for a violent crime or recent driving-related difficulties, such as a DUI within the last three to seven years, are among the things that these checks look for.
  • Current registration and proper license plates.
  • You will need a current and valid vehicle insurance policy for driver jobs.
  • Complete the Community Safety Education class offered by the company.
  • You'll need a smartphone that can run the Lyft app.

2. Is it possible to have two Lyft accounts? Do driver jobs provide flexible driving hours?

You can create as many new accounts (and free rides) as you like in Lyft jobs. They might be able to halt it if they start tracking by cell phone number and the tracking remains even if you erase the account from your phone.

Unlike a traditional 9-to-5 or part-time employment, in this career you don't have to check in to your rideshare app at a specific time; you may decide when and how frequently you drive. A Lyft driver may take advantage of this by driving when it is most convenient for him, but it's also important to remember when the need for drivers is highest.

3. What are the insurance requirements for a Lyft driver?

Although the firm requires its drivers to have proper auto insurance, it also offers insurance to them. This coverage only applies if you turn on the app for driver jobs, so if you're in your car with the app turned off, you're protected by your own auto insurance.

If you turn on the Lyft app and meet with an accident while waiting for a ride, it provides third-party liability insurance for covered incidents if your personal vehicle coverage does not apply.

If you have an accident while picking up a passenger or while doing Lyft jobs, you will get insurance coverage.

4. How to apply for the Lyft driver position?

Create an account via the Lyft app or on the web. Enter your name, phone number, and email address, then fill in the rest of the information to make sure you're eligible. Any application information you've submitted will be saved if you sign out of your account. Enter a promo code if you have one while creating an account. For Lyft jobs, if you apply via link, it will automatically add the code.

5. What is the method to pay a Lyft driver? What is the company's payment schedule?

The company uses the following formula to pay for Lyft jobs:

Ride Time (duration of each journey) + Distance (distance traveled during a ride) + Tip Money (drivers keep 100 percent tips) + Bonuses are equal to your pay.

If the firm needs more drivers on the road during peak hours, incentives are offered.

The firm pays a Lyft driver by direct deposit on a weekly basis. Ride earning + tips+ referrals = Pay.

The Lyft app helps you to see the earnings and the tips that you got.

Lyft jobs, on the other hand, now allow drivers to get their profits instantly if they satisfy specific criteria. Because of these choices, driver jobs in a rideshare platform are excellent for anyone in need of money right now.


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