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Posted: 2021-08-01
Valid through: 2022-06-01

Are you a student and looking to earn some extra pocket money? Then you are in the right direction. Would you like to work in a position where you'll be assigned basic responsibilities, where your job obligations are so varied that you'll never get bored, and where you may work and earn whenever you want?

Become a part of the Amazon Warehouse team:

The Amazon team would like to welcome you to their ranks if you're seeking a position like this. Right now, Amazon is hiring order warehouse worker positions in your area. Please make haste! Now is the time to take action. An Amazon sortation associate, your basic responsibilities will include:

  • Stands in the same spot for long periods while doing your duty.
  • Walking a good distance around the facility and sorting goods like envelopes and pallets by size and destination.
  • Building pallets, wrapping pallets, transporting pallets with a pallet jack, and sorting items and pallets.
  • What is Amazon?

    Amazon is a well-known online retailing platform. It has an end number of employers to fulfill customer service all over the world. Groceries, electronics, books, and many other essentials are sold on this platform globally. Amazon workers make sure to provide the best service facility to its customers by tracking records of all the orders to deliver them to customers' doorsteps.

    Want to know about your basic responsibilities?

  • Assuring the privacy and delight of customers.
  • Welcoming delivery vehicles and safely offloading orders.
  • Sorting the orders according to their location and other methods.
  • Assuring perfect sanitation and hygiene.
  • Putting the products in order.
  • The products are being sent to the verification area.
  • Learning to use the recent technology for hustle-free order pick packing.
  • Receiving and methodically sending incoming and outgoing products.
  • Returning products to the storeroom after verification.
  • Keeping records of both returns and orders in Amazon order databases.
  • When uploading purchased products to specific delivery trucks, safety precautions should be used.
  • Maintaining correct delivery station norms and regulations.
  • What will be your basic requirements?

  • A GED or an equivalent diploma is required for this role
  • Above the age of eighteen.
  • Packages can be sorted by size and destination, with or without suitable lodging.
  • Warehouse activities necessitate a high level of physical ability.

    1. Why should I work for Amazon as an order picker and packer?

  • ADepending on your needs, you can choose between part-time and full-time positions.
  • Morning, night, afternoon, and late-night jobs are all accessible with flexible work hours and shifts.
  • There will be opportunities for paid time off.
  • Health screenings and other medical services will be accessed regularly.
  • There will also be paid time off available.
  • Working in a secure environment
  • 2. What are basic skills one need to be a Warehouse worker?

    There are some basic skills you may be familiar with before applying for this role.

  • Physical ability to lift orders and other warehouse accessories.
  • Knowledge of current delivery station technologies is preferred but not required.
  • Communication skills are excellent.
  • Teamwork requires a positive attitude.
  • Collaboration and coordination among team members are required.
  • Previous experience is not required, but it would be a wonderful qualification criterion
  • 3. What is the shift facility in the Amazon warehouse?

    In the Amazon warehouse, you will be able to select your shifts according to your comfort. The shifts include morning shift, night shift, early morning shift, weekend shift, evening shift, etc.

    4. Is it necessary to have a GED diploma for this role?

    Yes, Amazon asks for minimum education. It helps workers to communicate as well as keeping records of other written documents if needed. At least you must be able to read and write in English comfortably.


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