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Qkids: Online English Teaching Company

Qkids offers online English teaching jobs to break the cultural and geographical divide and connect native English speaking teachers with children in China so that everyone can achieve their international education goals.

People in China have great regard for teachers. They are looking for teachers who can teach English online to their children. Qkids is helping them find talented teachers like you to mentor young children and develop their English language skills.

What We Offer?

When we match teachers with children in China, we ensure everyone gets what they deserve. Here is how we help you as a teacher:

  • Training Support: Since many of you may be new to teaching ESL online, we make sure that you are adequately trained to use the virtual medium to teach. Our trainers and senior teachers help you get familiar with our platform and teaching resources. The personalized training will help you to teach confidently in the classroom.
  • World-Class Curriculum: Qkids curriculum has been designed according to the current syllabus followed in the Chinese schools. The curriculum includes lesson slides, games, videos, etc. to facilitate online teaching. We don’t burden our teachers with lesson planning. All the required teaching materials will be provided. You have to review the lesson slides beforehand so you know what you will be teaching in the class.
  • Ideal Teacher Student Ratio: You will be teaching 3-4 students in each class. The age of the students can vary between 4 and 12 years. We maintain small class sizes so that you can give full attention to students’ requirements and monitor their progress.
  • Job Security: A Qkids teacher enjoys stable income and job security. You are free to book your own teaching slots and get paid for every class taught. We also reward well-performing teachers with bonuses and pay raises.
  • Lenient cancellation policy: We allow 4 cancellations every month during your contract on adequate notice. Qkids respects your active worklife and allows you to cancel a class in case of an emergency.

How To Become A Qkids Teacher

  • Step1: Sign up and fill an application form. Visit our website and open your account. Fill an online application with your education and background details.
  • Step2: Book a demo interview date. We conduct a demo interview (live or recorded) on the scheduled date where you showcase your teaching skills using the lesson slides provided.
  • Step3: Participate in training sessions. Our trainer and teachers help you understand how online teaching works on the Qkids platform. The training sessions prepare you to teach online confidently.
  • Step4: Take mock classes. You will teach at least 2 mock classes where you will apply your training and skills to engage students. These classes will help you improve your online teaching skills and class management techniques.
  • Step5: Conduct a background check. We will check your identity, education, and criminal record. Once verified, we will sign a service agreement with you.
  • Step6: Book your teaching slots. You can now book your classes on the Qkids platform and start teaching as a Qkids ESL teacher.


1) What are the requirements to become a Qkids teacher?

  • Native speaker from the USA/Canada
  • Bachelor’s degree or above (undergraduates can also apply)
  • TEFL Teaching Certificate (Recommended)
  • Prior teaching experience (Optional)
  • Legally allowed to work and stay in the USA/Canada

2) What equipment do I need to teach online?

  • A desktop/laptop with Windows 7 or MAC 10.X or higher OS
  • External or built-in camera
  • A noise-cancelling headset
  • A stable internet connection

3) Do I have to live in China to teach?

No, you can teach from any location. Make sure you teach from a clean and quiet area.

4) How will I get paid?

You will be paid for your previous month’s work through PayPal or direct bank transfer on the 10th.

5) Do I have to communicate with the parents?

Teachers are not expected to have any direct communication with parents. You can share students’ feedback with our team and we will communicate with the parents.

6) How do I become eligible for a pay raise?

We assess your pay raise at the end of your 6-month contract. Your performance, number of classes booked, weekend classes, referrals, etc. will be considered while assessing pay raise.

7) I cannot sign up on the Qkids website? What should I do?

Please follow these steps:

  • Refresh the page
  • Switch browsers. Qkids works well on Chrome but you can try other browsers such as Firefox.
  • Clear your internet browser cache
  • Try to connect from another device or router
  • If the problem persists, please email us at communication@qkids.cn.


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