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Corona, NY, 11368
Posted: 2021-09-19
Valid through: 2022-07-20

Who doesn’t know about Amazon? It’s famous across the world for being the largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider.

Amazon begins as a bookseller and expanded its business to sell every need of an individual. From selling every good sort of commodity to its own electronic devices, such as Kindle e-book reader, Kindle Fire tablet and Fire TV, and a streaming media adapter, Amazon has become everyone’s first choice. Amazon Jobs are flexible with good service facilities. Amazon takes good care of its workers, so you will get flexible working hours and work at your convenience. If you are ready and searching for the Job? So tighten your Belt as Amazon has started its opening for an Amazon Warehouse Associate Job.

The job requires minimum education qualification and some basic experiences. If you want a part-time job, full-time job, weekend shifts job or flexible hours working...then don’t miss the chance.

What the Job is all about?

As an Amazon Warehouse associate, you have to do the following roles:

  • Handling of orders and returns from the customers.
  • Follow all the procedures and report them to the supervisor.
  • Team orientated: work together with the team to protect customers’ privacy and trust.
  • Be responsible for processing orders and returns, packaging, and shipping of the orders.
  • From loading, packing, wrapping, labeling to shipping of the order, everything should be done carefully.
  • Careful about the audits of Amazon warehouses.
  • Also need to receive and process Amazon warehouse stock products, pickup, unload, label and store them in a systematic way following adequate measures seated by Amazon warehouse.
  • Have to Check, verify and fill customer invoices.
  • Amazon Warehouse equipment should be properly operated and maintained.
  • Clean and safe working environment and optimize space utilization management.
  • Better Behaviour with their supervisors and coworkers.
  • What are the Job Requirements?

  • Physical fitness for loading, unloading, packaging, etc. Should be able to lift heavy objects.
  • Education Qualification: High school diploma or equivalent diploma.
  • A little Knowledge of inventory software, databases, and systems would be beneficial.
  • Awareness about modern warehousing practices and methods.
  • Good communication skills and Dedication.
  • Time management and Organisational skills.
  • Updated forklift license.
  • Freshers can apply but Having Prior Experience would be a plus point.
  • FAQs

    1)Is the Job is Work from home or in-person work?

    As the major responsibilities of the job include physical tasks, it is an in-person job.

    2)Are phones allowed in Amazon warehouses?

    No. Amazon has a very strict no cellphone/no pictures policy.

    3)Is it hard working at the Amazon warehouse?

    As long as you are an Amazon Worker you are getting all the facilities from Amazon. You just need to be productive.

    4)How do you apply at the Amazon warehouse?

    Search by your locations, job categories, or keywords related to Amazon. Once you find the Amazon Jobs opening, click the Apply Now button.

    What does an Amazon warehouse associate do?

    An Amazon warehouse associate is responsible for carrying out an array of duties such as receiving and processing incoming stock and materials, picking and filling orders from stock, overseeing the packing and shipping of orders, loading, and unloading or managing, retrieving, and organizing stock.

    How often do I get paid?

    Amazon provides the flexibility of weekly payments through direct bank deposits.


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