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Posted: 2021-09-19
Valid through: 2022-07-20

Do you want to work on your own schedule? Do you want to earn on an hourly basis? Here you go!

Amazon is seeking Pickers and Packers to be part of their warehouse staff tasked with ensuring customer satisfaction. It is a physically demanding job to pick or pack food items. It is extremely demanding and can cover the majority of key positions within Amazon warehouses. The Picker Packer assists in filling orders in a warehouse. As part of the supply chain, they manage inventory and warehouses and package goods. Additionally, the retail sector assists with the distribution of retail goods. However, picking and packing at Amazon gives you a lot of opportunities to learn about warehouse operations.

Sorting and loading packages, working in an energetic setting, will motivate you every day in this role at Amazon. Job opportunities with flexible schedules, including full-time positions and part-time positions.

To succeed in the Amazon picker packer role, you need to be able to handle physical strain as well as basic responsibilities, such as tracking inventory and locating the merchandise. An amazon picker packer shouldn''t be afraid of a busy work environment. This would be the best job choice for someone looking to start a new career in a warehouse setting. Fill out an application today!

About the Company -

Amazon is the world''s largest online retailer as well as a prominent cloud services provider. Although originally a bookseller, the company now sells a wide range of commodity products, a wide range of digital media, as well as its own products like the Kindle e-book reader, Kindle Fire tablet, and Fire TV, a streaming device.

As long as Amazon remains open, it will continue to serve our communities by delivering essential items directly to their doorsteps. Learn about all the measures Amazon is taking to ensure employee safety.

Basic Responsibilities -

  • Pick up orders from supervisors and search Amazon warehouses for products
  • Make sure the product picked matches the order sheet
  • Make sure the product is in working order and not damaged
  • Damaged items should be placed in a predefined, marked area and reported to supervisors
  • Count the specified quantity several times before putting it on the pallet
  • Transport the items to the packing pallet and pack them in the specified containers
  • Ensure that containers are labeled and marked correctly
  • Measure and weigh the packed container, and write the information on it
  • Record the package information manually, then enter it into the database along with its status
  • Seal packed containers with glue, nails, and other fasteners
  • Utilizing hand equipment or forklifts, transport packed materials to the shipment pallet
  • Ensure that product containers are loaded onto trucks using the best safe products
  • At the time of loading, give the delivery drivers the necessary packaging documents
  • Stack products properly inside the delivery vehicle by shifting and moving them
  • Input picking, packing, and loading information into the predefined Amazon database
  • Follow set protocols for voice-directed picking
  • Maintain daily records of production and packing
  • Report any errors in product selection and quantity to the supervisor as soon as possible
  • Basic Requirements -

  • The minimum education requirement is a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Minimum Knowledge and experience with inventory systems and software.
  • Fitness is necessary for warehouse activities to run smoothly. Warehouse activities include physical tasks such as loading, unloading, and packaging.
  • Lifting heavy objects is an essential skill.
  • An understanding of modern warehousing practices and methods.
  • Active participation and good communication.
  • Good time management skills are necessary along with good organizational skills.
  • Forklift license current
  • There is no requirement for previous experience, but it may be considered an asset
  • Work environment -

  • It''s important to note that the work environment for Amazon pickers can be quite demanding. It is important to be able to stand and walk all day.
  • As well as regularly lifting 75 pounds without assistance, you should have the ability to lift a lot more.
  • Furthermore, this job requires constant repetition. As part of your daily responsibilities, you may also have to operate certain machines such as rollers and pallet jacks. There are rare instances when extended shift times are required to accommodate a larger workload.

    Amazon Packer Educational Qualifications

    As far as the company''s educational requirements are concerned, Amazon Packers do not have a set requirement, but it would be advisable for candidates to have a general high school diploma or a technical qualification of an equivalent level.

    The Amazon Packers need to possess some technical understanding of how the machines work and how their operation is coordinated, as well as an understanding of the kinds of packing materials used (for example, paper, glass, aluminum, printed, or plain polypropylene film).

    For certain jobs, you may need a forklift truck license and specific certificates for food storage and food hygiene.

    What Makes a Great Picker Packer?

    A top picker packer must first be physically strong since they will have to move boxes around, pick up boxes and put them away, or take boxes from storage and move them around. Whether it is putting the boxes on pallets or vans for shipping, and weighing items upon arrival, you may be asked to do these things. It may also be necessary to create labels and do all the paperwork for shipment.

    Keeping the work area clean and organized is another responsibility of a picker packer, you will likely keep all inventory organized and on hand.

    These tips can help you be a good Picker/Packer!

  • As long as you''re ready to deal with the physical demands of the job, becoming an Amazon picker is an excellent way to get started in a warehouse setting.
  • With a large range of responsibilities and fair starting pay, it’s a great option to consider for many Americans.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) -

    What is the hiring process for Amazon Picker/Packer?

  • Step 1 - Application It takes about an hour to complete our online application, which includes choosing your shift and scheduling your new hire appointment.
  • Step 2 - New Hire Appointment You complete the hiring process here. You will need to provide proof of identification and employment eligibility.
  • Step 3 - New Hire Orientation Get to know your new colleagues, hear from senior leaders, and get a photo for your badge on your first day.
  • Step 4 – Your first day Here you go! You’re in and your first day begins!
  • Do you need a resume?

    Amazon does not require a resume for most hourly jobs, including warehouse, driver, and shopper positions! If you are applying for a job at a campus pickup point, you will need to provide a resume.

    What is the main responsibility of an Amazon Picker/Packer?

    As an Amazon picker, your primary responsibility will be gathering products from your supervisor for order fulfillment. Additionally, you will be responsible for labeling certain types of merchandise and maintaining adequate stock levels.

    Can you work part-time or full-time?

    Amazon picker positions can be full-time or part-time. You will likely work anywhere between 20 and 40 hours a week.

    How much does an Amazon Picker/Packer earn?

    The payment is on an hourly basis and also depends on the number of works the employee work. Therefore, it is changeable.


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