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Posted: 2021-08-04
Valid through: 2022-06-04


Remote English teachers for Qkids

  • Employment type: Part time, Work from home
  • Start date: As soon as possible
  • Working hours: 6-19 hours/ week
  • Payment: $16-20 USD/hr (2 lessons)
  • Contract term: minimum 6 months

About Qkids

Qkids was founded in 2015 in China. It is an online teaching platform specially designed for kids of age 4 to 12 years old. This interactive platform connects English language teachers to enthusiastic young students in a real time basis through their teaching platform. The Qkids curriculum is expertly designed to fit to the needs of every kid keeping in mind that every student is different. The curriculum is made fun and dynamic with the help of engaging games, slide shows and content videos. So learning is fun and teaching is enjoyable.

Teachers get needed support and workplace flexibility and students learn English from comfort of their homes. Apply today!


  • To teach English language skills to pupils of age 4-14 years of age through Qkids online teaching platform.
  • Each lesson will last for 30 min with 10 min break between 2 classes.
  • Teaching class of 4 students. No self-marketing, classes would be booked for you.
  • Lesson plans and material is pre-set, you have to get familiar with the lesson content before class and deliver it. You need to be actively participating in these classes.
  • As most of the students are from China, therefore working hours may vary depending upon where you live. You should be ready to work at odd hours.
  • Minimum of 6 hours teaching (12 lessons) per week is a must. 38 lessons are available pre week.

Working hours

  • Schedule your classes based on your availability. You can work part time.
  • 7 week days- EST-5:40 am to 8:10 am
  • Friday –Saturday- EST 7:pm to 10:50pm


  • Fluent native English speaker from USA or Canada. This is due to our internet server limitations.
  • Bachelor’s degree from university or you should be enrolled for one.
  • Teaching certification (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, ESL) is required be presented before starting actual teaching.
  • Previous teaching experience is not desirable but would be preferred.

Hiring process

  • Send in your resume with required documents via our teaching portal.
  • After initial screening and demo interviews you be shortlisted for trial classes.
  • After successful trial classes and standard background check you are hired as an independent contractor.


Q1. What do I need to teach online?

Ans: You would need a personal computer with a webcam, and headset with microphone. Stable internet connection is very essential.

Q2. What is the technical requirement?

Ans: Upload speed: 2Mbps minimum. Download speed: 4Mbps. Check your speed at click here

Q3. How long dose recruitment process takes?

Ans: the whole process of interview-demo-trial class-background check takes merely 2 weeks only.

Q4. How demo class and trial class is conducted?

Ans: As an alternative to standard video interview, we ask for the video demonstrating your teaching skills. You can send us video file or google drive link or you can give live demo. Demo classes of an hour each are to check your computer efficiency (that is how you manage any technical difficulties in a live lecture) and to learn about your teaching style and how you interact with the students. In demo 2 class you will be tested for your teaching knowledge and your personality.

If required you will undergo training sessions. Here our teachers and trainer will accompany you in the process. Couple of trial classes would be conducted after the training. These classes would be actual lessons with students and you will get standard remuneration for these classes. Depending upon student and trainer feedback you will be hired.

Q5. How do I teach?

Ans: All of your live lessons would be conducted on Qkids interactive learning platform. The curriculum for each class is pre-designed and all lesson plans pre-set. You need to familiarize with the material provided to you before class and make use of teaching aids available to you.

Each class would be of 30 minutes, 25 minutes for teaching and 5 minutes are kept for srudent evaluation.

Q6. Will I be teaching same students every time?

Ans: Classes are booked by parents and we try our best to match the students with same teacher. But you can expect some new faces in every class.

Q7. Do I need to interact with the parents?

Ans: No. Qkids will interact with parents and give you timely feedback. You do not have to communicate with them directly.

Q8. How is the cancellation policy at Qkids?

Ans: You can cancel any of your scheduled class by notifying Qkid staff beforehand.

Q9. How would I be paid?

Ans: You will be paid basic for each class. There are performance bonuses, attendance bonuses etc after minimum lessons are taught in a week. You will be paid via direct account transfer on 15th of every month. As an independent contractor any other taxes levied by state authority where you live are borne by you.


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