Instacart Shopper and Delivery Driver - Hiring Immediately in New York, New York

New York, NY, 10002
Posted: 2021-06-22
Valid through: 2022-04-22

Are you a student, housewife, between jobs or superannuated and, are looking for a secondary income? How about considering temporary work at Instacart? Instacart is hiring temporary recruits for the position of shopper and delivery driver.

What is Instacart?

Instacart is the North American leader in grocery delivery. Through the Instacart mobile app, our customers can now order from their favorite grocery stores and get their order delivered at their office or residence without having to step out of their comfort. Instacart has tie-up with more than 300 international retailers and regional groceries. Using Instacart is easy, convenient, low cost, and accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Where do you fit in?

We are always on the lookout for temporary workers who can shop and deliver the order to the customer’s door and earn between $5,00 and $10,00 per delivery. Sounds too good to be true? Do read on for minimum qualifications;

Basic requirements?

You are qualified to apply for this role at Instacart if;

  • Are you born on or before 2003
  • Eligible to work in North America
  • Own a vehicle that can be used for deliveries
  • Own a smartphone with Android 5.0 or iPhone 6 and higher
  • FAQs

    1)How do I signup to become a shopper?

    Just create an account at and download the Shopper app from the respective mobile marketplace at Google Play or Apple App Store to complete the signup process. Instacart will conduct a basic background check to proceed with the application.


    Once you are inducted into the Shopper and Delivery Driver team, you’ll receive an Instacart payment card in 5 to 7 business days. You can use this card to pay for the Instacart orders. This card is preloaded with the requisite amount towards each order. New Shoppers can start shopping in a single day after the background check is cleared by using the Instacart mobile checkout process.

    2)Is working for Instacart worth it?

    Instacart is a leading delivery service provider in North America. Instacart is always looking for interested individuals to join their growing team of shoppers and drivers. So if you love grocery shopping, enjoy the sun and own reliable transportation, then this is cut for you. Just log in to the shopper application whenever you are available and start accepting orders from your block, your neighborhood, or even new areas you want to explore. You can choose to make one single delivery or throughout the day, payouts are based on deliveries, so the more the merrier.

    The Shopper can see order details like the grocery address, ordered items, budget and trip details, delivery address and decide to accept an order if convenient or if the tip is worth the inconvenience.


    By submitting, you confirm that you are authorized to use the number entered and agree to receive SMS texts to verify you own the number. Carrier fees may apply.



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