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Private practice with no doors and no overhead. Join the world's largest online counseling platform. We provide the marketing, the technology, and the additional income. You provide professionalism, clinical experience, and care.

More About BetterHelp:

  • BetterHelp's secure online platform and broad network of licensed therapists help those facing life’s challenges by providing easy, affordable, and private access to professional counseling.
  • In 2015 we expanded our resources and expertise by joining Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC), the nation’s first and world's largest telehealth organization, helping to make BetterHelp the world’s largest and most reputable e-counseling platform.

Benefits for Counselors:

  • Counselors Focus on Clinical Work: Your focus is 100% on counseling. You do not need to worry about acquiring clients, billing, support, or operations. We handle it all!
  • Flexibility: BetterHelp can be your primary source of income (full time) or a supplement to your current work. You choose your caseload size, and you are in control of your schedule and appointment times.
  • Zero Overhead: No fees are collected from the counselor, ever.

Who Should Apply

  • Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT), Psychologists, and Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC) are all encouraged to apply!
  • Counselors are looking for an easy, all-in-one technology platform for telehealth.
  • Counselors looking for various ways to engage - for example, through the three types of live sessions available (video, phone, and live chat), through the asynchronous messaging component, through worksheets, through shared journal entries, through audio and video messages, and more.
  • People are looking for a community of peers directly through the platform, searching for a solid and trustworthy peer group. With over 8,000 therapists on the BetterHelp platform, you’ll have a forum to ask and answer any questions you might have!


  • A State Board must license counselors to provide counseling (e.g., LCSW, LMFT, LPC, PsyD, or similar credentials).

NOTE: Unfortunately, if you are an intern or if you require supervision to provide counseling services, you cannot be a provider on BetterHelp at this time. Also, we cannot accept substance abuse counselors, school counselors, registered nurses, career counselors, Christian counselors, and business coaches (unless they have an additional license as mental health counselors).

  • Experience counseling adults, couples, and teens
  • Excellent written communication
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Currently residing in the US

Note: Counselors are independent providers, not BetterHelp employees.


1) Who can apply for Licensed therapist jobs?

  • Psychologists, Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC),
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW),
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT),
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC),
  • Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) can apply for these positions.
  • Counselors are looking for a simple-to-use, all-in-one telehealth platform.
  • Counselors who motivate their clients to engage in a variety of activities.
  • There are three types of live sessions in licensed therapist jobs (video, phone, and live chat).
  • The automated communication component includes workbooks, shared diary entries, audio, and video chats.

2) What are the advantages of a BetterHelp therapist?

  • A BetterHelp therapist takes care of their clinical work. Online counseling is their sole focus.
  • Acquisition, billing, customer support, and operations are not your responsibility. The firm takes care of everything for you.
  • Working for licensed therapist jobs allows you to set your working hours.
  • It can either be your primary income (full-time) or a supplement to your current occupation. You get to choose how many cases you take on, as well as your calendar and appointment times.
  • The counselors never charged money.

3) How much does a BetterHelp therapist earn?

In licensed therapist jobs, they use an engagement-based method. Their compensation depends on how often they interact with their clients. The BetterHelp jobs do not raise any money for the counselors' services.

Once a counselor is on board, an engagement-based model payment is quite simple. The more often they check in with clients and schedule sessions, the more money they will make. Positive counselors are those who provide their clients with proactive treatment.

4) What are the benefits of licensed therapist jobs?

A BetterHelp therapist concentrate on,

  • Clinical Work: Your whole concentration is on therapy.
  • You won't have to deal with customer acquisition, billing, support, or operations. We take care of everything!
  • You can use BetterHelp jobs as a complementary or primary source of income.
  • You pick the amount of your caseload, as well as your schedule and appointment hours.
  • There are no fees taken from the counselor at any time.

5) How does a BetterHelp therapist conducts online counseling?

Clients feel more at ease talking on the phone. In BetterHelp jobs, you may conduct online counseling with your system or cell phone. The company offers you a schedule, and you must log in to your counselor account at the appointed time. After that, ask your client to begin the phone call, and the system will request you for the client's phone number. The system will dial the client's phone number and connect you with them to begin the session.

6) What is the average amount of time spent working by a BetterHelp therapist?

It is up to counselors how much time they devote to BetterHelp. BetterHelp may have the suggested least level of customer participation. Their engagements have no imposed lower or higher limits. Counselors have autonomy over their schedules, which depends on their needs and availability.

In BetterHelp jobs, counselors provide online counseling to complement their full-time occupation. Counselors may adapt their approach to their unique requirements and availability. They might start with a modest customer base and increase their workload. Or, they can jump right in.

7) How can I apply for licensed therapist jobs at BetterHelp?

Applying to become a BetterHelp therapist is easy for mental health professionals. You must first join the network. During these courses, you will get an opportunity to show your abilities. Abilities like engaging clients, assist in counseling, and operate as a counselor.


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