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Posted: 2021-08-01
Valid through: 2022-06-01

DoorDash Delivery Driver / Courier

No passengers. No bosses. Just you, your tunes, and the road.

Sign up now and start making money!

Choose your wheels and deliver food and other items from local merchants to hungry customers.

  • Be your own boss. Work when you want, wherever you want
  • Earn guaranteed cash every hour, including 100% of the tips
  • Work in the morning, at night, or any time in between
  • Use any car, bike, scooter, motorcycle, or moped to deliver Start today and be your own boss.
  • Get on the road today.

Car, Motorcycle, and Moped Requirements

  • iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Valid Driver's License and insurance 18+ years of age
  • 1+ years of driving experience

Bike Requirements

  • iPhone or Android smartphone
  • 18+ years of age

About us

DoorDash is a technology company that connects customers with local businesses. Customers order meals and other items from their favorite local merchants and Dashers deliver them directly to their doors. Dashers are third-party contractors who deliver for merchants to customers. Dashers are paid on a per delivery basis, not per hour.


1) Would it be possible to make a career from the Doordash delivery job?

A good number of full-time drivers survive doing this full-time. Some even claim this job earns them more than their regular job. DoorDash driver success depends on your hustle and the market's demand. A busy area, such as shopping centers close to apartment buildings, can be helpful. This is also true if you are in a high-density inner-city. Doordash Drivers survive by doing it full-time, and some even get a better cash flow than their normal job.

2) What is the working schedule at the DoorDash delivery job?

  • Mealtimes tend to be busy times.
  • Lunch (11:00 AM to 2:00 PM) and dinner (4:30 PM to 8:00 PM) are the busiest times to dash - meaning that you'll be bringing in more money.
  • Plan your dash times table up to five days in advance for the lunch and dinner rushes.

3) Are background checks included in the DoorDash hiring process?

A candidate will begin the process by filling out a DoorDash online application. The platform conducts background checks before granting access to new Dashers. Dashers undergo repeat background checks to ensure their health and safety. Recruiters must pass background checks before they can work. They must pass individual verifications, have cell phones, and have good transportation.

4) Why should you work as a DoorDash delivery driver?

  • There is no other work than DoorDash driver that will give you the flexibility to earn cash at the time you need it.
  • DoorDash does not need a ton of necessities, nor does getting approved take longer.
  • Earnings can start rolling in within a week of delivery.
  • There are many companies that deliver food by bicycle or by walking. So, a vehicle is not necessary.

5) How stressful is it to work at DoorDash company?

  • Issues with the DoorDash app, client service, and clients can make up anything they want about you.
  • Keep a photo of everything or have a dashcam.
  • The traders are the greatest concern. You shouldn't pass orders to drivers until they are ready. A thirty-minute wait is ineffective unless the tip is good.
  • It makes your time on the road less productive if you wait for orders to arrive.

6) When delivering food, what if you receive a ticket?

The DoorDash company does not reimburse tolls, parking fees, or traffic tickets. As per this agreement, the dasher handles deciding how to deliver using this platform. This includes where to park your car for pick-ups and deliveries, and which road to take. It's also speedy and easy to get signed up and check it out if you need some extra cash.

7) Are there any challenges in the DoorDash delivery job?

DoorDash drivers do not need any specific mental abilities. A Dasher is a great job opportunity for anyone who wants to make extra money or side hustle. Dordash Drivers get a lot of benefits, tips, and incredible pay from driving organizations. Candidates must pass an individual verification, have a phone and access to a car.

8) How long does it take to get recruited as a DoorDash delivery driver?

  • Generally, this process takes 3-5 working days, depending on each restaurant.
  • Create an account by filling out your details.
  • Following registration, our team will develop your menu in the DoorDash app.
  • Set up a request protocol later to get orders (email, fax, and tablet).
  • The candidates should have cell phones, good transportation, and pass a background check.


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