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Posted: 2021-08-04
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Do you think you are destined to inspire, help people transform, and never give up on anything, even when faced with seemingly impossible challenges? If your answer is yes, then you are an artist who recognizes the art of teaching! Let's shape the little minds. You know the magic, and we have the right job, your skills will be used to bring the best for society.

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About Qkids

For students aged four to twelve, Qkids is the leading English online learning platform. With one goal of long-term fulfillment, their main goal is to provide all children with a child-like experience in the classroom and excellent career opportunities for teachers. Qkids is the young kid on the block when it comes to online education, and they jumped right in with a big teacher recruit drive in 2017. Apply now to be a part of Qkids!

What is the hiring process at Qkids?

If you have decided and want to join Qkids, you will need to undertake our special recruitment process, where they will look at your qualifications and skills. There will be no special form of an interview, but you will be exposed to Qkids teachers and trainers through interaction processes. Here's a quick guide to being hired.

First, you have to create an account on the Qkids website and upload the proof of your required qualifications and restart your final application.

You will be asked to participate in Demo Discussion if your application is approved. You have the option to perform it live or on tape.

If you want to record your demo, use your phone or computer to record it and follow the Portal instructions to create and download it. There is no need to download anything or set aside time to use the platform.

If you choose to have a live session, make a reservation at the Teacher Portal or contact Qkids using the Contact Us option if nothing is open. You will reach out to the person who'll be taking your interview on the Teaching Platform for a discussion and teaching lesson.

If you pass the interview, the Success Manager will send you an email with video training tools and the date and time of your Experimental Short, which will last about 10-20 minutes. You will be asked to teach a 10-minute lesson with a teacher as your student on the Teaching Platform. The coach will show you when it's time to stop and give you an answer on how well you are doing as a teacher. You may be asked to do a second demo of the trial.

If you pass the test cycle, you will move on to the contract phase, where you will need to review and sign a 6-month contract and provide the basic details for Qkids to test the domain. You should discuss your basic payment agreement with Qkids before returning your signed contract.

If you pass all of the above rounds, you will be ready to start classes !!


1) What is the need for teaching at Qkids?

Qkids' teaching is not complicated as a comparison to those of other teaching companies:

  • Should speak English fluently and idiomatically.
  • Should have a bachelor's degree or higher; students seeking a bachelor's degree are also eligible.
  • Should have completed a 120-hour ESL course (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA)- this program is also offered by the company, you can seek this course from Qkids.
  • If have experience as a teacher, it will be more preferable.

2) What will be the procedure of payment to teachers Iat Qkids?

You will be compensated for the previous month's classes on the 10th business day of the month, with the option of obtaining their money via Paypal or bank transfer. The PayPal transactions are currently covered by Qkids. If you want a bank transfer, you will be entirely responsible for the receiving bank's handling fees.

3) What is the curriculum for English in Qkids?

The Qkids curriculum is available through slides, videos, and online games. It is your responsibility to add enthusiasm to the classroom and make it more attractive and interesting. Before your study, you will be given a curriculum; please read it carefully before you attend.

4) Is it necessary to work at Qkids, even if you are not a native speaker?

You can not work as a Qkids Teacher if you are not a native speaker.

5) What will be the suitable working hours for working at Qkids?

Qkids has a work-from-home opportunity for all, teaching slots will be provided as per your respective location of residence.

6) Will I need to interact with the kid’s parents?

At Qkids, there is no such need to interact with the kid’s parents. Qkids takes that responsibility and your job will only be to teach and provide children with the best teaching practice.


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