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Posted: 2021-08-01
Valid through: 2022-06-01

What is Lyft?

Lyft is a platform that connects drivers with individuals and organizations that need rides. In addition to helping passengers get from A to B, in select markets, drivers may also opt to deliver essential items such as groceries, medical supplies, and home necessities to people who need them.

Why Lyft?

  • Boost Your Income: You get paid for the time and distance of a trip, plus tips and bonuses.
  • Be Your Boss: Set your schedule and keep control over when you drive and earn.
  • Support the community: Lyft drivers are essential to our neighborhoods, communities, and cities. When you give rides, you're playing a vital role.

How Lyft Driving Works

  • Step 1: Open the app and turn on driver mode
  • Step 2: Accept a passenger ride request
  • Step 3: Pick up your passenger at their location
  • Step 4: Drop off your passenger at their destination

Once the ride has been completed, payment is processed automatically, and you're ready for your next ride!

Driver Requirements

  • You're at least 25 years old
  • You have a 4-door from 2004 or newer
  • You own an iPhone or Android smartphone
  • You have a clean driving record and auto insurance
  • You consent to our driver screening and background checks

This opportunity is for an independent contractor. Driving with Lyft is perfect for those looking for a flexible full-time or part-time option. Be your boss. Hours are completely flexible. Drive mornings, evenings, weekdays, or weekends. No previous experience is required.


1. How to apply for Lyft jobs?

Want to become a Lyft driver? Follow these simple steps:

  • Create a Lyft account via the app or on the web.
  • Enter your name, phone number, and email address, then fill in the rest of the information to make sure you're eligible.
  • Any application information you've submitted will be saved if you sign out of your account.
  • Enter a promo code if you have one while creating an account. The code will be used if you apply through a link on a website.

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2. What documentation do I need to become a Lyft driver?

  • Your driver's license, if you have one. You must be of legal drinking age in your region.
  • A background check is required. It needs your permission to run a criminal background check and look over your driving record.
  • Submit documents related to insurance and other matters.
  • You have a vehicle or a rented one.

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3. Are there cameras in the cars of a Lyft driver?

Drivers rely on dash-cam footage to protect themselves from negative ratings or false claims from customers, resulting in them banishing platforms such as Uber and Lyft. They also use these recordings to guarantee that they are suitably compensated if something goes wrong during the journey.

4. How can Lyft drivers increase their income?

  • The amount of money a Lyft driver earns depends on the number of hours they work for, the number of rides they complete, and the time and distance of trips.
  • Apart from the base pay, Lyft jobs also allow keeping their tips earned from the customers.
  • To increase their income in these kinds of driver jobs, you can search for busy areas, drive during peak hours, or earn extra through bonuses or other offers that a driver might be eligible for after completing a certain number of trips with Lyft.
  • The app allows the drivers to keep track of their income and plan their way.

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5. What do Lyft drivers do if they don’t get any rides during their shifts?

  • Lyft drivers have no idle time or time when they don’t have any rides. This is also appreciated because the drivers earn according to the number of rides they complete.
  • If there are no rides to be accepted in their vicinity, the drivers can roam around the city and look for rides in other areas.
  • Another possibility for drivers who repeatedly have a lot of idle time during their shifts is to start driving in the peak hours, giving them a greater chance of getting more rides.

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6. How will a Lyft driver report the issue of a damaged car caused by the customer?

If a customer causes substantial damage to your vehicle during the ride, you can report the issue to the corporate.

  • You will submit the report before accepting a new ride.
  • You will incorporate all the details of the ride and the passenger and how the damage happened.
  • You will receive money for all the damages.
  • The cost would not include reimbursement for additional cleaning of the vehicle.

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7. What are the vehicle requirements to be fulfilled for Lyft jobs?

  • Your car must be 4-door.
  • The vehicle must have 5-8 seats, including the driver’s seat.
  • You must check the models which are not accepted by the company, all the sub-compact vehicles.
  • The vehicle to be used must not be a taxi or a stretch limousine.
  • Your vehicle must not be salvaged or rebuilt.

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8. What are the requirements to be fulfilled to drive for Lyft?

Are you passionate about driver jobs?

  • You must present a state-issued valid driver’s license.
  • Your age must be 25 years or older.
  • You must pass a screening that will include your driving history and check of criminal records.
  • A smartphone with an updated software version so that the app can work properly.
  • You must also present vehicle registration and personal vehicle insurance.

9. How much can I make as a Lyft driver?

You will make for the rides you accept and complete. Following is how the method works:

  • You will have a base payment for each ride you start.
  • You will earn for the time you spend driving.
  • You will also receive an amount for the distance, each mile, you cover.
  • The rate would also be based on the region you are driving in and ride mode.
  • You will earn weekly with Lyft. Payment would come into your account every Tuesday.


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