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Posted: 2021-10-17
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Trugreen known as the official sponsor of spring, is a lawn care service that focuses on creating and nurturing local, residential lawns, shrubs, and trees with special treatments that are created and tailored to the needs of each lawn based on each lawns soil, grass, and climate conditions and so on.

Each Trugreen treatment is unique and specific and caters to the needs of that particular lawn. Providing a rich and flourishing landscape.

Trugreen aims to be a welcoming, inclusive and diverse community. And is now on the lookout for sales representatives who will join their dynamic and creative team.


1) What does a Trugreen Sales Representative do?

Trugreen Sales Representatives step out of the office into the bright fresh air and knock on doors to engage with the local community. They aim to sell Trugreen residential lawn care services to potential customers. Answers any questions they may have and providing solutions to issues they uniquely face.

Sales Representatives also provide an estimate for the cost of treatment while calculating and taking into account the square footage of a customer’s landscape.

Sales Representatives form a relationship with individuals in the community and educate them on proper lawn maintenance practices.

2) What qualifications do sales representatives need?

A Trugreen Sales Representative does not need to start with an impressive resume of their different qualifications. They don’t even need any prior experience in sales.

Trugreen provides its employees with the necessary guidance and training needed to kick start a flourishing career in sales. Trugreen supervisors and leaders educate Sales Representatives on all the information needed and are always approachable and welcoming to any queries or help.

3) What skills does a Sales Representative need?

A Sales Representative does need to be energetic, self-motivated, and goal orientated. Employees need to be good listeners and good communicators to be able to connect and understand potential customers and clients.

Sales Representatives need to be engaging, warm, and welcoming, able to aid customers in the best way possible.

4) How do Sales Representatives earn?

Sales representatives make a decent weekly wage that can increase based on work performance. They also receive a no commission in addition to their base pay. Join Trugreen entry-level jobs and start earning immediately as a Sales representative.

5) Why should I apply as a Sales Representative?

Trugreen provides all their employees with an extensive health plan along with other benefits. They help you grow and expand your career with the training and learning experiences they offer.

Trugreen provides a great work environment with a strong, dynamic dedicated team which makes each day different, adventurous, and engaging

6) How do I apply?

Just log on to the Trugreen website and submit your application with all your personal information, skills, and experience. In a few days, a Trugreen recruiter will contact you to set up an interview with a hiring manager. And before you know it you will be a vital member of the Trugreen community.

Trugreen helps provide employment opportunities to committed, dedicated, hard-working, energetic individuals looking to be successful and prosperous. Apply today and make your career as rich and flourishing as Trugreen makes its lawns.


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