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Posted: 2021-10-17
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Some people are born with the gift of gab. Those who are natural practitioners of the art of convincing will make a good living as salespeople. It takes hard work, charisma, and innate charm to transform words into gold. The best thing is that job of a salesperson's professional set pays well. So if you are one of these hardworking and career-oriented people then TruGreen is for you.

Join TruGreen today to start a lucrative sales career!

About TruGreen

TruGreen is America's #1 lawn care brand, providing lawn, flower, and shrub care to over 1.7 million residential and commercial customers in the United States and Canada. TruGreen is committed to the development of its employees by forming diverse, energetic teams and assisting employees in achieving their personal and professional goals. Diversity and inclusion are essential to TruGreen.

What are the requirements to become a sales representative at TruGreen?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma to be considered for sales representative jobs. Job candidates must have the potential to develop good client relationships, as well as other soft skills of a talented sales agent, with little to no experience required.

There are different roles offered by the company in the Sales profile. It includes-

  • Residential Sales Representative
  • Branch Sales Representative
  • Field Sales Lead
  • You can apply for any of these roles by visiting the TruGreen website. After checking the job availability in your area, you can apply according to your location and interests. After submitting your information, TruGreen will contact you for further recruiting process.

    Roles and responsibilities

  • Serving customers by selling goods and satisfying their wishes.
  • Based on input from direct mailing/advertising, group events, and other outlets, compiling lists of potential buyers for use as sales leads.
  • Calls potential buyers to clarify the services or products available. Price quotes are sent to consumers in order to persuade them to make a purchase.
  • Names, emails, transactions, and responses of prospects who have been contacted are needed to be recorded and stored.
  • Creating personalized service solutions focused on the needs of customers.
  • By flying across the designated territory, sells programs and facilities to existing and prospective clients.
  • Inbound and outbound calling, as well as person-to-person communication, are used to generate sales of pest control services to new and current clients.
  • Based on the experience of branch manufacturing and service schedules, estimating the date of customer service.
  • Customers are notified of upcoming application support appointments.
  • Preparing and keeps accurate sales records.
  • Calling consumers to assess satisfaction after a program is finished or to support them in some other way, such as answering requests or addressing service issues.
  • FAQs

    1)Why should I choose TruGreen?

    You will gain various benefits from joining the TruGreen family. Certain job benefits, such as basic health insurance, short-term wage protection, and employee support services, are provided automatically to employees. Other workplace benefits are voluntary. Personnel can also choose between medical care, prescription drug coverage, dental coverage, and vision coverage.

    2)Is TruGreen going to do a drug screening before the interview?

    Before joining the firm, TruGreen conducts a background check and a drug screening, and it is important to pass all of these tests.

    3)Do you think TruGreen is a good place to work?

    Trugreen is a fantastic place to live. They care for their staff. The management is friendly and approachable. They provide their staff with ongoing preparation.

    4)What does a sales representative do?

    Sales agents are a company's primary point of contact with its clients. Sales representatives ensure that existing buyers have the best goods and services, find potential opportunities and consumer leads, and pitch prospective clients.

    5)Does TruGreen compensate for time spent in training?

    They pay well for preparation, and the commission is decent if you sell. You will make money if you wake up every day, obey the schedule, and make your calls and knock on the doors using only numbers.


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