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Posted: 2021-07-23
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Deliver with Uber. Earn on your schedule.

Work on your schedule. Deliver for a few hours in the mornings, every night, or just on weekends; it's up to you.

Earn Good Money. You'll earn by bringing people the food they love from local restaurants.

Choose your wheels. Use your car, scooter, or bike to make deliveries.*

Delivery requirements

Car delivery:

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Have a 2-doors or 4-doors car
  • Have a valid driver's license
  • Provide Social Security Number to run a background check

Bike delivery:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a state-issued ID or Driver's License
  • When signing up be sure to choose 'Biking' under the transportation method.

Scooter delivery:

  • Be at least 19 years old
  • Have a valid driver's license
  • Have a scooter

Ready to get started? Sign up today and start earning.

No experience is necessary. But, if you have previous employment experience in delivery (such as a delivery driver, food service, food delivery, delivery runner, or courier) you may enjoy delivering with UberEats! Delivering with Uber is a great way to supplement your part-time or full-time income.

Vehicles allowed for delivery vary by city.


1. If I become an Uber Eats driver, how safe will I and my personal details or information be?

UberEats prides itself on ensuring the security of its app users: drivers and customers. The corporation features a global safety team dedicated to preventing security breaches and traffic incidents.

2. How does driving with Uber Eats differ from other foodservice delivery apps?

Unlike UberEats, some food delivery drivers aren't ready to work flexible hours whenever they need. With Uber Eats, you've got many driving options: full-time, part-time, courier, or independent contractor.

3. In What Urban areas or Cities is UberEats Offered?

Uber Eats is now working in over sixty cities across six continents. I’m unsure if Antarctica will ever get UberEats service, but it’s pretty cool you'll order it in defined places.

UberEats is currently available in most of the US cities. There are even more cities listed within the menu on the UberEats sign-up page, perhaps indicating areas targeted for expansion within the near future.

4. What's the method like for Fulfilling UberEats Requests? Do I want to Deliver on to Someone’s Door or Will the Customer Meet Me Curbside?

Food delivery driver receives requests within the app for available deliveries. Once you accept the requests, you’ll be directed to a restaurant where you'll confirm the order with the staff and receive the food to be delivered. The app will walk you through the method step-by-step.

You can now make contact-free deliveries with UberEats, meaning you’ll leave the food at the customer’s door then leave. Confirm to check them once the Food delivery driver delivers the food though, in order that they know to urge it!

5. Are There Any Alternatives to Working for Uber Eats if I would like to Deliver Food?

Absolutely! I’m a firm believer in Harry’s strategy that it’s important to diversify your ad in order to open yourself up to the foremost earnings opportunities. A few related Food delivery services involve DoorDash, Postmates, GrubHub, and Caviar.

6. How Do I Check in to Deliver With Uber Eats?

If you’re already an Uber driver, you ought to be ready to opt-in on the driving force app or by contacting Uber. If you’re new to Uber, you'll check in here using our link to become an UberEats delivery partner.

7. What's the typical delivery time for a Food delivery driver?

When you attend to place your order, UberEats will display an estimated delivery time.

Once you place your order, you’ll be ready to track your driver’s progress in real-time, receiving notifications when they’ve picked the food up from the restaurant and when they’re on their way.

The Food delivery driver time can vary thanks to a spread of things, including the time of day (demand is bigger during the lunch rush, evenings, and weekends), the number of obtainable drivers, and therefore the popularity of the restaurant.

8. What proportion does delivery cost?

In the quest to answer “How does UberEats work,” the delivery fee is the main concern. For each order that a Food delivery driver simply places from UberEats, you’ll buy the value of the food, a delivery fee, and any applicable taxes.

The delivery fee for any of the Food delivery drivers is typically a couple of dollars.

Note also that it’s up to the restaurant to line the value of the food; this cost may differ from what you'd pay if you were dining at the restaurant.

Similar to Uber surge pricing, you'll also pay a further fee if you’re ordering during a busy area. However, it's possible to urge a reduction in your order.

9. When is Uber Eats accessible?

Uber Eats delivery is out there whenever the participating restaurants are open.

In some cases, this will mean that 24-hour delivery is out there, though you ought to check the delivery hours of the individual restaurants within the UberEats app to verify the precise delivery hours.

10. Am I able to pay in cash to the Food delivery driver?

UberEats is meant to be a cashless experience. All payments occur within the app using the cardboard you've got on file.

The only exception is when it involves tipping: Cash tips are always appreciated (though you'll also tip from within the app if you prefer).


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